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JAn kainer

Jan Kainer started dancing in Kamloops at the age of four when her mother, Pat Gee,  decided to organize a little dance class for her two daughters. The Rainbow School of Dance was started and became a big part of Jan's life. She took ballet, tap, jazz, character and Scottish dancing.

At the age of eleven Jan had a sudden growth spurt over the summer and found herself towering over everyone at six feet tall. Group numbers became a problem since she stood out so much, so a soloist was born. Comedy became her specialty and a highlight was winning the trophy for the Most Entertaining Performance at the Coquitlam Festival of Dance when she was fifteen.
In 1987 Jan started a little class for her daughter and her friends. In 1988 Razzmatap began at the Kerrisdale Community Centre.


Jan in London.jpg
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