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Diane is one of the original members of Razzmatap. During her teens she was active in baton twirling and appeared in many parades and concerts in the local area as well as at BC Lions football games. She also performed as a singer and baton twirler in the annual SunRay revues at the Cinema Theatre sponsored by the Vancouver Sun and produced by Dayde Rutherford, and appeared in very small parts in "Theatre under the Stars" (TUTS) at Malkin Bowl and at the Denman auditorium.

After approximately thirty-five years in "real" life with a family and job, Diane had to retire due to poor health so decided to get exercise by joining a tap class at a community centre. One hour a week seemed about the right level of activity. No one could have expected that, thanks to Jan Kainer, our creative and talented choreographer, that one hour dance class would become a passion and lead to shows and competitions and even tap events in Europe and New York.

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