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Gwen Epstein

If there was such thing as a professional baton twirler... Gwen may not be helping to save lives doing cord blood banking at Lifebank today. A member of Razzmatap for almost twenty years, Gwen also tapped from age eight to fourteen at the New Westminster Tap Academy, completing all her tap exams. She thirsted for more performing so she created her own work in grade seven when she began writing, performing and, of course, directing her own plays. Naturally, this led to being a cheerleader and then a majorette marching in the PNE parades.

Although she wishes she had studied theatre in University her desire to perform scientific experiments eventually won out. And coming full circle she actually found out about Jan's tap group from her daughter Jordana; a former student. Performing across the Lower Mainland, to Germany, and New York, dancing with Razzmatap has provided Gwen with a joy only surpassed by the time she spends with her family.

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