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Lena Morissette

Lena has been dancing since she was six years old. She started talking ballet at the National Ballet Company in Ontario and then she moved to Winnipeg and took classes at the Royal Winnipeg Ballet. As she got a bit older she found that ballet wasn't fast moving enough and switched to jazz which she loved, especially the Broadway kind of jazz.

In school she was a cheerleader from grade seven to twelve and had a dance solo in Brigadoon. She played the lead role of Daisy in On a Clear Day. She also danced with the B.C. Lions "Lionette" cheerleaders under Grace MacDonald for two years including performing at a Grey Cup half time show.

As she got older she missed performing so began teaching dance/fitness classes for adults and children for seven years, choreographing many fun routines. As an adult Lena decided to begin to learn tap as it was a bit easier on the aging body. She took classes at several different schools in Vancouver including performing with the Broadway Melody Dancers through the Singin' Dancin' & Actin' Studio as well as with Vancouver Tap Society, Dance Co. and Harbour Dance. She also began dancing at Dance Express, where her teenage daughter was dancing, to keep connected with her. There were many fun year-end recitals but Lena really was yearning to perform and compete more.

Then she found Razzmatap! She has been dancing with them for almost three years now and it's like a dream come true. She loves the performing and competitions and especially the great group of women she gets to dance with. The choreography is amazing, always new, fun and challenging, thanks to choreographer Jan Kainer. Lena says it makes her feel young again! Thank you Razzmatap!

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