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Valerie Migneault

Life began at forty for Valerie Mignault. When her daughter entered high school she had to make a life altering decision. Should she return to her former career as a social worker or learn to paint and tap dance? This was not an easy decision since she had no formal training in fine arts or dance. In 1987 Valerie began taking watercolor classes at Langara College and with her friend, Jill Edgar, signed up for Jan Kainer's class "Learn To Tap For Fun and Fitness". She is one of the original dancers who started with Jan Kainer twenty years ago.

Many classes and performances later Valerie continues to dance with Razzmatap. She performed at the 2005 World Tap dancing Championships in Reisa, Germany. In July 2007 she traveled to New York City to perform in the American Tap Festival. Valerie continues to tap dance for "Fun and Fitness" and always leaves a class with a smile on her face!

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